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New Information on Next-Generation Automobile-Related Components

Integrated productionfrom trial production to mass production

Alphatec specializes in everything from trial production to mass production and provide trial production proposals with an eye towards mass productions.

Casting with ADC12 is also possible.

We propose products made with precision plaster casting as
a small-lot production method, including prototypes of
our die-cast products.

Low Costs and Short Delivery Times

Alphatec contributes to shortening of development periods through a variety of cost reductions including development costs and mass production costs.

Global Handling of Molds and Products

Alphatec has established a system which is able to handle local procurement through bases in Japan, China and India.

Quality Management System

Alphatec stipulates quality targets for all employees and continuously works towards improving quality.

Product Information

Plastic Products Related

Plastic Products Related

From functional automotive components (mainly around the engine) to interior and exterior components, plastic products for prototype and mass production molds, etc.

Aluminum Products Related

Aluminum Products Related

Precision plaster casting to significantly shorten delivery lead times while maintaining precision equivalent to die-casting, and aluminum products through precision sand casting, etc.

1-mm-thin aluminum case produced.
Thermosetting resin (phenol resin) offers full cutting compatibility. (100x100x30)
Blow molding prototypes commenced.
Large product prototypes with injection molding commenced. (MAX 3500t)
Large product casting with precision plaster casting commenced.
Mass production of radiator parts with the lost-wax process commenced.
Mass production of compressor parts with the cutting process commenced.
Casting of products with ADC12 material made possible using precision plaster casting.
Alphatec has introduced both a hot plate welding machine and leak testers.
Increase in capital received from Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd. (For expansion of Chinese businesses)
Added Global Handling of Molds and Products.
Website renewed.
Sun Alphatec Mould (India) Pvt. Ltd. established in New Delhi India.
Expansion of ISO 9001 acquisition.
3D CAD expanded with UG NX.
Alphatec Die & Mould (Shanghai) Co. new plant established.
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